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GFMoleHit is simple & easy casual game.  

This game is to give you  : sensetive touch feelingsimple meditationable concentrationrhythemical  play!
Master "DoGee" live in your mind!
"DoGee"  look  at you!
You hit "DoGee" using  a realization hammmer "DoChi."


Original Mode Missional Mode Rhythmical Mode

• O 500원: Original Mode.

• M 500원: Missional Mode

• R 500원: Rhythemical Mode

The play process
  • O 500원 Meditationable   concentration.

     If you got a high score again,
     one  more again !

  • M 500원 Sensetive touch.

    If you got a 500 point, you can play next level!  This  mode, you play  3 type level  : 
    1 mole see , 2mole  sequence  see & 3mole  sequence  see

  • R 500원 Rhythemical play.

    If you got a 500 point, you can play 
    next level!  
    This mode, you play  with  bitbox! 

Have a fun!


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