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GFDragonBite-GoGo is a simple shooting arcade game.  

This game is to give you  : your own's heaven dragonshooting fireball & dragon,Multi directional tilt control !
There are a dragon(name is "GoGo") & a tiger(name is "BaBa") in a heaven mountain that is a world of buddha & heaven god. They want to get a dragon ball. THe ball of dragon means a universe wisdom. Someday, GoGo find a dragon ball and happy to get it! But, so tired and go to sleep. During this time, BaBa take away a ball & run away!

What is a real heaven's dragon?


• Tornado: To use for blowuping tiger.

• Warp: To use for moving position

• 9dragonball: To use for no die

The play process

  • Asent GoTiger defence base  .

     Tiger defence base and dragon must get a dragonball on a lotus.

  • Match Go Tiger Fight base.

    Tiger defence and fight to get a dragon ball on a lotus.

Have a fun!


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