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GFFlyBall-Pinchs is simple & easy game like pinball& bricks.  

This game is to give you  : sensetive control feelingdeep concentrationactive  sound & motions!
Pinchs & his brothers("Dinchs") is a original & chaos life in universe!
Pinchs is number zero, nothing, circle & a ball.
Dinchs is number one, something, square & a catcher.
Some day, Dinchs were arrested by new black hole("Shadow").
You("Pinchs") must save his brothers("Dinchs")!
Control bar ("one eye" "- road messiah & bar)!"


Play View

The play process
  • Push! Fly button



  • Control! left & right button


  • Save! "Dinchs"


Have a fun!


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